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Tuesday, 09 June 2009 20:46
According to the Federal Communication Commission's licensing and service requirements (federal code of regulations 73.503), the purpose of a non-commercial, educational broadcast station is to provide advancement of an educational program by means of:

  • Transmitting educational, cultural, and entertainment programming to the public.

  • Transmitting programs and courses directed to or from specific schools, including administrative materials pertaining there to.

WBWC's purpose is two-fold, one being a broadcast purpose and the other an academic purpose. WBWC's broadcast purpose is mandated by FCC law. As a non-commercial, educational broadcast facility, WBWC is licensed by the FCC to serve its audience, including the people of Berea, the Baldwin-Wallace College community, and the residents of Cleveland's southwest communities with:

  • Educational Programming to bring informative and educational programs which will be of interest and value to the listener. These may be programs which deal with natural science, health, history of music, social science, psychology, economics, and various types of history, etc.
  • Public Service/Public Affairs Programming to provide insights into public issues and concerns, needs, and problems which exist in the local, state, national, or global communities. Such programs may take the form of magazines, city council meetings, public forum, and public service announcements.
  • Informational Programming to provide well balanced, well rounded and objective coverage of local, campus, state, national, and world news. These are offered as hourly newscasts, and as in-depth analysis programs.
  • Cultural Programming to provide programming which will have theological, musical, ethnic, and/or philosophical content.
  • Entertainment Programming to provide entertainment programs that are alternative in nature, and will not typically be heard on commercial radio. These programs may take the form of Yellow Jacket sports, comedy, talk shows, or music. The music programs are intended to acquaint the audience with a wide variety of musical forms, new artists, and new musical material.

These are the FCC programming parameters with which the staff, the Board of Directors, and the Faculty Advisor must consistently comply. Compliance here means to formulate and implement programming and operational policies. This process becomes the academic purpose, the academic content, and the opportunity for student (participant) learning in the field of broadcasting.

Since the broadcast purpose is confluent with the academic purpose, WBWC is committed to providing an environment that:

  • Establishes a community where commitment, contribution, and excellence are prized by all.

  • Provides a climate where the pursuit of knowledge and significant learning are rewarded.

  • Provides educational opportunities suited to individual student differences and needs.

  • Affirms and employs a liberal arts orientation.

  • Provides a climate wherein people and relationships are positively valued.

  • Acknowledges and complies with the values of the college as an affiliate of the United Methodist Church, and specifically with the college mission statement.

WBWC values, and is dedicated to nurturing the educational, social, and spiritual growth of its staff, and to the quality of both the academic and the broadcast programs.

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