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Wednesday's Word
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 10:35

From an upset in Massachusetts to the President's visit to Elyria, here's a look at the stories we're following today:

Brown Wins in Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown came from being a 20-point underdog in the polls with a month left in the campaign to take the Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy. This shakes up the march toward health care reform, as it eliminates the filibuster-proof majority that the Democrats have had for the last year. I have a feeling that the only person who got less sleep than the Morning Buzz crew last night was Harry Reid, who now has to either get a Republican to vote yes on health care or use tactics such as reconciliation (commonly referred to as the nuclear option), which are considered by many to be unsavory.

State of the Union Scheduled The White House has announced that the State of the Union address will be next Wednesday (1/27) at 9 PM.

Obama in Elyria Tickets for President Obama's town hall meeting on Friday sold out almost as soon as they were made available yesterday. In response, LCCC will be rebroadcasting the event at several locations and on their cable channel. Click here for more info. WBWC News will also have full coverage on Friday starting on The Morning Buzz.

Demjanjuk Trial The trial of John Demjanjuk continues in Munich. Yesterday, a survivor of the Sobibor death camp testified that the Germans were in charge of the camp even though the camp was in the Ukraine. 82 year old Thomas Blatt said that he doesn't remember Demjanjuk, but was only testifying to give the court a general impression of Sobibor.

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