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Thursday's Thoughts
Thursday, 28 January 2010 09:26

Here's a look at the stories we're covering today:

State of the Union Address As expected, President Obama focused on jobs and the economy in his first State of the Union last night. He proposed a 3 year freeze on most government spending as well as a second stimulus bill. He also discussed higher education, proposing an increase in Pell Grants and a $10,000 higher education tax credit. 

High speed rail coming to Ohio Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Governor Strickland that Ohio will receive 400 million dollars to build a high speed rail line connecting Ohio's largest cities. The new Amtrak line will connect Cleveland with Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

Sowell update A judge threw out accused Imperial Avenue killer Anthony Sowell's request for a change of venue for his trial as well as a motion to remove the death penalty as a possible sentence in the case. Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold said that if an impartial jury could be found in Oklahoma for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, one could be found in Cleveland for Sowell.

Toyota recall The automaker is recalling millions of cars after it was discovered that a faulty part in the gas pedal could cause it to hang, making it difficult if not impossible to stop the car. The recall includes the Camry, Corolla, Avalon, Matrix, Highlander, Rav4, Sequoia, and Tundra.

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