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Thursday's Thoughts
Thursday, 04 February 2010 11:21

Here's a look at the stories we're following today:

Arrest made in West 83rd blast William Calderwood was arrested last night and is being held on suspicion of aggravated arson after police say he was the man responsible for the explosion that injured three people and damaged 57 buildings, some so bad that they had to be demolished. Calderwood lives next door to the house that exploded, and his home had to be demolished as well.

Immigration bust in Avon Lake The US Marshall Service went to a house on Avon Belden Road yesterday to serve a minor warrant. What they found was nine illegal immigrants. All nine were taken into custody by the US Border Patrol. The Avon Lake Ledger is reporting that a neighbor told them that the men all worked at the Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant in Avon Lake.

Brown could be seated today The final votes have been tallied in the Massachusetts Senate race, and now Senator-Elect Scott Brown is asking for the vote to be certified so that he may be sworn in. The ceremony was originally planned for next Thursday, but Brown was told that several important votes will be held before then.

Mark Brown executed The man accused of killing a convenience store owner and clerk in 1994 was pronounced dead at 10:49 AM this morning. According to police, Brown said that he would copy the killings seen in the movie "Menace 2 Society."

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