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Wednesday's Word
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 11:07

Here's a look at some of the stories we're following today:

RTA to lay off employees 219 employees will be out of jobs by April as a result of the transit authority's 12 percent cut in bus service. This amounts to about 9 percent of the workforce. RTA's budget is 12 million dollars lower than it was 1 year ago.

Toledo mall brawl Security will be beefed up at Westfield Franklin Mall in Toledo after a brawl last Saturday night involving 150 teenagers. Mall officials also say that they have adopted a zero tolerance policy for teenagers, meaning that they will be thrown out of the mall rather than given a warning if they misbehave. No word on if Westfield's malls in the Cleveland area will adopt the same policy.

Stow High paper returns The school newspaper was suspended after the administration refused to allow the paper to publish a picture of a student who committed suicide. The compromised reached allows students to have an appeals process if they believe the administration is restricting them unfairly.

Olympic Update Shaun White hit the extremely difficult McTwist 1260 in a practice run for the halfpipe competition, however there is no word on whether he will use it in the competition today. Both US hockey teams made short work of their opponents yesterday, with the men beating Switzerland 3-1 and the women destroying Russia 12-0. Kelli Stack of Brooklyn Heights scored a power play goal at 3:16 of the second period. Both US curling teams lost yesterday, with the men losing to Norway 6-5 and Germany 7-5, and the women losing a heartbreaker to Japan 9-7. Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis had a hard day as well, going off the course in the snowboard cross semifinals, dashing her hopes of redemption after blowing what was sure gold in Torino. Germany now leads the medal count with 9, but the US is right behind them with 8. Medals will be handed out today in women's downhill skiing, cross country individual sprint, men's doubles luge, men's halfpipe, and men's 1000m speed skating.

I'll be heading to Washington to cover the Conservative Political Action Conference tomorrow, so check this blog for updates throughout the weekend.

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