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2017 is the 75th Anniversary of U.S. entry into World War II
Written by John Basalla   
Monday, 23 January 2017 21:02

In commemoration of all of those who fought for our freedom, WBWC broadcasts original radio programs from World War II every Sunday beginning at 5:03pm.

These broadcasts served to inform listeners about the war and encouraged them to support the war effort.


Mark your calendars to listen to upcoming shows.


Treasury Star Parade: Starring Tommy Dorsey A Swing Jazz musician

Sam At War: "First Call For Fire Guard"

The "Treasury Star Parade" featured actors, musicians, and comedians who provided entertainment to support the war with the goal being to encourage listeners to buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps.

"Sam At War" was a series produced in Cleveland Ohio. The series presented radio dramas about various aspects of the war.


Treasury Star Parade: "War is Hard"

Voice of The Army: "Demolition Squad"

Both of these programs are radio dramas.


Treasury Star Parade: Starring Sammy Kaye A Swing Jazz musician

Voice of The Army: "Flight To Glory" A radio drama


Treasury Star Parade: "Over There" A radio drama

Voice of The Army: "Without Bill" An emotional radio drama about someone who has lost a loved one in the war


Treasury Star Parade: "A Children's Drama"

American Youth Answer German Youth


Treasury Star Parade:Kay Kyser Swing Jazz w/ "Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge"

Voice of The Army: A radio drama


Treasury Star Parade: Olsen and Johnson Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson were a movie comedy team

The Uncle Sam Series: A radio drama meant to educate listeners about the war


Treasury Star Parade: Ethel Merman

London Column: This was a dynamic British produced news show featuring stories from the war front


Treasury Star Parade: Duke Ellington Famous Jazz musician

Voice of The Army: The First Lady. First Lady Eleanore Roosevelt speaks to radio listeners


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