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Sunday on Newspulse
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Friday, 05 February 2010 20:56

This Sunday on Newspulse, WBWC News Director Jasen Sokol sits down with Berea Ward 2 Councilman Nick Haschka to discuss the texting while driving ordinance being proposed in Berea. Teresa Scrimenti will bring you the news from across the country and around the world, and Sean Maloney will get you caught up on what's going on in entertainment. Newspulse airs Sunday at 5:30 PM on 88.3 FM The Sting! 

Friday Finds
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Friday, 05 February 2010 10:38

Here's a look at some of the stories we're following today:

Ohio could set lethal injection record There are already nine executions set for this year, including that of Mark Brown yesterday, and prosecutors are asking the Ohio Supreme Court to set dates for five more inmates. Assuming all 14 of those executions actually happen, it would shatter the Ohio record for the most executions carried out in one year set in 2004 when 7 inmates were executed.

Cedar Point job fair The amusement park in Sandusky is looking to fill about 4,500 jobs for the summer season. One way they're going about doing that is by having a job fair today and tomorrow. The jobs range from performers to ride operators. Applicants must first go to Cedar Point's website and fill out an application.

Soccer balls for Haiti A group of students at Baldwin-Wallace are working to collect soccer balls for children in Haiti. Russ Mika, a senior soccer player for B-W, told the AP that he knows soccer can be a powerful outlet. They hoped to collect 50 balls, but have collected over 100 and are now shooting for 250. You can check out their website here

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Thursday's Thoughts
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Thursday, 04 February 2010 11:21

Here's a look at the stories we're following today:

Arrest made in West 83rd blast William Calderwood was arrested last night and is being held on suspicion of aggravated arson after police say he was the man responsible for the explosion that injured three people and damaged 57 buildings, some so bad that they had to be demolished. Calderwood lives next door to the house that exploded, and his home had to be demolished as well.

Immigration bust in Avon Lake The US Marshall Service went to a house on Avon Belden Road yesterday to serve a minor warrant. What they found was nine illegal immigrants. All nine were taken into custody by the US Border Patrol. The Avon Lake Ledger is reporting that a neighbor told them that the men all worked at the Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant in Avon Lake.

Brown could be seated today The final votes have been tallied in the Massachusetts Senate race, and now Senator-Elect Scott Brown is asking for the vote to be certified so that he may be sworn in. The ceremony was originally planned for next Thursday, but Brown was told that several important votes will be held before then.

Mark Brown executed The man accused of killing a convenience store owner and clerk in 1994 was pronounced dead at 10:49 AM this morning. According to police, Brown said that he would copy the killings seen in the movie "Menace 2 Society."

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Wednesday's Word
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Wednesday, 03 February 2010 10:35

Here's a look at the stories we're following today:

Two Up, Two Down That's the way the results of yesterday's special elections fell. The fourth time was the charm for the Olmsted Falls school district, as their levy passed by a 55-45 margin. It was a split decision in Columbia Station, as their renewal levy passed 62%-37%, but the bond levy to add on to the middle school and build a new elementary school failed 52%-48%. In Amherst, the library levy failed 54%-36%

West 83rd Blast Intentional Fire investigators have determined that the explosion in a house on West 83rd Street in Cleveland was no accident. Although they have stopped short of blaming arson, they have ruled out all intentional causes.

Toyota Recall Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told Toyota owners to stop driving their cars and get them fixed. He said in a press conference today that drivers should take their cars to the dealership because they believe they have a fix for the accelerator, which is prone to becoming hung.

Human Services Tax on the May Ballot The Cuyahoga County Commissioners voted today to place a human services tax on the May ballot. These levies usually don't fail (the only time a human services levy has gone down was in 1976), it could be more difficult this year given the corruption scandal.

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Election Day
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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 11:04

Although it's only the beginning of February, it's election day in the Olmsted Falls and Columbia school districts as well as the city of Amherst. Here's a look at what's on the ballot:

Olmsted Falls An 8.7 mill operating levy. The Olmsted Falls City Schools have tried to pass a levy for over a year and have not been successful. In fact, the last time Olmsted Falls passed an operating levy was in 1999. Many cuts have been made already, including the end of busing for students who live within 2 miles of their school. Many more cuts are expected should the levy fail.

Columbia There are 2 levies on the ballot for the Columbia Schools. The first is a 3.1 mill renewal of a 5 year operating levy. The second is a new 2.75 mill continuous improvement levy that will be used to build an addition to Columbia Middle School and a new elementary school to replace Copopa Elementary, which was built in 1921 and is beginning to fall into disrepair

Amherst An 1.17 mill, 28 year bond issue to finance an addition to the Amherst Public Library. The addition would be 24,000 square feet and bring the total square footage of the library up to 38,000. The library would remain open during the renovation.

The polls will be open until 7:30 tonight, so if you live in Amherst, Columbia Station, Olmsted Falls, or Olmsted Township, WBWC encourages you to do your civic duty and VOTE!

Tune in for the AP Radio News at the top of every hour and local news updates at 6:03, 7:03, 8:03, 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30 today on 88.3 FM The Sting! 

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