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Peabody's - Archive


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Date Artist/Event Venue City Type
Aug.03.2009 Fear Before Peabody's - Shows
Aug.17.2009 - Aug.17.2009 Emery, Maylene & The sons of Disaster Peabody's - Shows
Aug.18.2009 - Aug.18.2009 Thrash and Burn 2009 Peabody's - Shows
Sep.14.2009 - Sep.14.2009 Between The Trees, Farewell, Punchline Peabody's - Shows
Oct.15.2009 - Oct.15.2009 Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance Peabody's - Shows
Oct.18.2009 - Oct.18.2009 White Tie Affair w/ Every Avenue Peabody's - Shows
Oct.28.2009 - Oct.28.2009 New Found Glory Peabody's - Shows
Oct.29.2009 - Oct.29.2009 Senses Fail Peabody's - Shows
Oct.30.2009 - Oct.30.2009 Powerman 5000 Peabody's - Shows
Oct.31.2009 - Oct.31.2009 Atticus Tour 2009 feat. Finch w/ Bless The Fall, Drop Dead Gorgeous Peabody's - Shows
Nov.01.2009 - Nov.01.2009 Cartel w/ This Providence Peabody's - Shows
Nov.05.2009 - Nov.05.2009 Ska is Dead IV feat. Mustard Plug Peabody's - Shows
Nov.11.2009 - Nov.11.2009 Breathe Carolina w/ Cash Cash Peabody's - Shows
Dec.06.2009 - Dec.06.2009 Norma Jean w/ Horse The Band and The Chariot Peabody's - Shows
Jan.12.2010 - Jan.12.2010 The Bled Peabody's - Shows

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