NOVEMBER 12, 2021

SportsPulse has been filmed for the first time ever! BW-TV is now collaborating with WBWC to produce SportsPulse on-air at our usual time and a TV style version being released a day afterward!

The show will continue being hosted by Jake Malensek. The Video Director/Producer will be our Advertising Director and President of BW-TV, Zachary Ottenweller

Zach has been working hard on getting this project going. He has spent many hours putting together a set, getting cameras ready, setting up a slideshow for the monitor, and getting mics and lights ready for the show.

WBWC would like to thank Duane Battle and Maddi Hebebrand for their contributions to this project as well.

Please enjoy the first edition of SportsPulse on TV, featuring Jake Malensek, Drew Tyler, and Matthias Andujar!