Dj Picks of the month

DJ picks are what songs our DJ's are listening to on reapeat not from our Heavy Rotation

Alex D - MILLY

"Spilling Ink"

Tue 6pm - 10pm

Arta - Chappell Roan

 "My Kink is Karma"

Jacob Hansen - Skyline


Fri 6pm - 10pm

DJ Jess - The Band Camino


Mon 2pm - 6pm

John Basalla - Ringo Starr

"Gonna Need Someone"

Tue 6am - 9am

OG Maddy - Ghostatic

"No Turning Back"

Tue 2pm - 6pm

Maddy Grace - Rainbow Kitten Surprise


Wed 10pm - 1am

Ryan Radke - Joywave


Wed 6am - 9am