Alternative rock comes in many forms on 88.3 FM The Sting. With nonstop action from artists like Twenty One Pilots, Coldplay and Kings of Leon the possibilities are endless.

But after 12 straight months of alternative rock how do we know which song was the best of the year? Well, that's where the Top 88 Countdown comes into play.

Every new year join us as we host our annual countdown of the best 88 songs played on The Sting!

top 88 songs of 2023!

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TOP 10 SONGS OF 2023

10. Bad Omens - "Just Pretend"

9. Noah Kahan - "Dial Drunk"

8. Blink-182 - "Edging"

7. Dirty Heads - "Rescue Me"

6. The Revivalists - "Kid"

5. Foo Fighters - "Rescued"

4. Blink-182 - "ONE MORE TIME"

3. Foo Fighters - "Under You"

2. Fall Out Boy - "Love From The Other Side"

1. Linkin Park - "Lost"


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