Since 1995, Rob Reinhart has hosted Acoustic Cafe, radio’s best international showcase for new acoustic music. Each week, tune in to Acoustic Cafe to hear the latest from today’s greatest songwriting talents. Musical selections cover a wide variety of genres from country, blues, rock, folk pop and much more! In addition to classic songwriters, Acoustic Cafe tries to bring as many newer talents to the table as possible.

On Air:

Saturday: 11PM - 1AM

Sunday: 12AM - 1AM


Every week on 88.3 The Sting tune in for Big Picture Science. Hosts Molly Bentley and Seth Shostack engage the public with modern science research through smart and humorous storytelling. Big Picture Science does more than interview top scientists and technology innovators. Themed episodes connect those latest research ideas to identify emerging trends - and why they matter.

On Air:

Monday: 9AM - 10AM

Saturday 9AM - 10AM


Christopher Closeup encourages people of all ages and from all walks of life to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. The weekly half-hour series regularly introduces listeners to individuals - some famous, some not so famous - who are using their gifts, talents, and abilities to create a better world.

On Air:

Sunday: 9AM - 9:30AM


Escape the buzz of the city and take a trip to the countryside with Dream Farm Radio. Each week, host Julie Lavender welcomes accomplished independent musicians and encourages their dreams as they perform their music and talk about what inspires them. The show features original music, breaking down barriers between musical genres to explore a broad spectrum of Jazz sounds.

On Air:

Sunday: 11AM - 12PM


Every week on 88.3 The Sting, tune in to hear Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical. Join host Bill Rudman as he discusses the rich history of American musical artists, writers and shows. Footlight Parade showcases the best of Broadway and Hollywood with songs from the turn of the 20th century to today. With a new theme each week, you’ll hear everything from classic operas to modern show tunes.

On Air:

Wednesday: 9AM - 10AM

Sunday: 10AM - 11AM


In Black America is a long-running program dedicated to all facets of the African American experience. Each week host John L. Hanson Jr. interviews a variety of current and historical figures who make an impact on life In Black America. Stories from civil rights leaders, artists and everything in between provide listeners with a unique perspective on the experiences African Americans face in their lifetime, and the changes being made to improve them.

On Air:

Friday: 9:30AM - 10AM

Sunday: 4:30AM - 5AM


Living Planet tells environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day. From the food we eat to the waste we produce, Living Planet explores our Earth and the impacts we have on it. As our impacts on the Earth increase, they are also increasingly affecting people and ecosystems -- making even more pressing the need for balanced environmental reporting.

On Air:

Tuesday: 9AM - 9:30AM

Sunday: 5AM - 5:30AM


The Media Project is an inside look at media coverage of current events with The Times Union’s Rex Smith, WAMC’s Alan Chartock, Daily Freeman Publisher Emeritus Ira Fusfeld and more. Listen as they engage in spirited debate on timely media issues including print, television, radio, and internet media.

On Air:

Friday: 9AM - 9:30AM

Sunday: 6AM - 6:30AM

Person place thing

Hosted by former New York Times Ethicist Columnist Randy Cohen, PPT features guests who talk about a person, a place and a thing they find meaningful. Randy pulls out the most interesting details from columnists to musicians, architects and ballerinas including Rosanne Cash, E. Jean Carroll and Gene Kohn. The results: surprising stories from great talkers. 

On Air:

Sunday: 3:30AM - 4AM

Sunday: 7:30AM - 8AM


World In Progress shines a light on uncomfortable and often underreported issues that the global community cannot afford to ignore. Through in-depth interviews and features, their team explores the far-reaching and interconnected consequences of a globalized economy, Join hosts Anke Rasper and Sarah Steffen as they offer insights and context.

On Air:

Sunday: 5:30AM - 6AM

Tuesday: 9:30AM - 10AM


Every week on The Book Show, host Joe Donahue interviews authors about their book experiences. It’s a celebration of both readers and writers.

On Air:

Thursday: 9:30AM - 10AM

Sunday: 3AM - 3:30AM


In America, women make up more than half the population. Worldwide, women are expected to outnumber men within the next fifty years - and every issue we face is one that affects us all. Whether it's the environment, health, our children, politics or the arts, there's a woman's perspective, and 51% is a show dedicated to that viewpoint. Host Allison Dunne talks to experts in their field for a wide-ranging, entertaining discussion of issues that not only fall into the traditional 'women's issues' category, but topics that concern us all as human beings and citizens of the global community.

On Air:

Thursday: 9AM - 9:30AM

Sunday: 4AM - 4:30AM